Author of AMERICA’S FIRST ENTREPRENEUR, John L. Rolfe is a retired Philadelphia lawyer who loves public speaking. Rolfe speaks about the man who originated the unique American spirit of entrepreneurship nearly 400 years ago and the odyssey that made him America’s first entrepreneur, his namesake John Rolfe.






400 years ago, in 1614, John Rolfe married Pocahontas, his second most important accomplishment. The resulting Peace of Pocahontas allowed enough English to survive in Virginia for the colony to succeed politically. John Rolfe’s most important accomplishment was growing tobacco, the cash crop that saved the financially struggling colony.

Mr Rolfe stated:  I'm a collateral descendant, not a direct line. John Rolfe's only son Thomas Rolfe had no sons. John Rolfe had a daughter with his 3rd wife. So there are no John Rolfes who are direct descendants. I don't know what generation, but it must be about 20.

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