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Speakers get both the IPA Speaker Bureau Platform page and a press room at ExpertClick.com our expert referral site.  The speaker can edit and update their profile 24/7 – plus include Linkedin embed, Facebook Embed, and their twitter feed always showing their most current tweets.

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Mitchell P. Davis, Director General, IPA and Editor at ExpertClick.com

Looking for a speaker?  Platform's speakers are listed on our partner site: www.ExpertClick.com.  You can search by topic -- many of the profiles have a green microphone logo designating they will consider speaking without a fee.

Who belongs in the Platform Association?

International Platform Association welcomes: After-dinner Speakers, Artists, Authorities, Authors, Celebrities, Coaches, Comedians, Connoisseurs, Consiglieres, Consultants, Curmudgeons, Debators, Educators, Emcees, Entertainers, Experts, Facilitators, Humorists, Instructors, Journalists, Keynoters, Lecturers, Magicians, Motivators, Mouthpieces, Musicians, Opera Singers, Orators, Politicians, Professors, Promoters, Rhetoricians, Speakers, Speaker Bureau Execs, Speechmakers, Spokespersons, Storytellers, Teachers, TedX Speakers, Thought-leaders, Trainers, Vaudeville Tribute Actors, Virtuosos, Wizards, and Writers.

Members get a Platform Page that includes their social media including:
* Linkedin showing your mutual contacts.
* Twitter showing your tweets live.
* YouTube with your best video.
* Your Blog can be picked up.

See a sample of Jeffery Gitomer's Platform page Here:

The IPA Silver Bowl Awards

For 100 years, the IPA Silver Bowl Awards have recognized
a rich, diverse galaxy of political leaders, authors, performers, scientists,
journalists, musicians, business leaders and philosophers,
who have made a significant contribution to the intellectual life of America.

Living IPA's Silver Bowl winners have hot links to speaker bureaus where they can be engaged.

Some of the recipients, both living and departed, of the prestigious Silver Bowl include Lowell Thomas,John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope, Henry Kissinger, Victor Borge, Jack Anderson, Glenn T. Seaborg, Winston Churchill, Bishop Atticus HaygoodJames D. Feldman -- The Bright Idea Guy, William F. Buckley, John Wayne, Pearl Bailey, Elizabeth Taylor, Tom Brokaw, Edwin Newman, Sen. Robert C. Byrd, David Brinkley, Malcolm S. Forbes, Art Linkletter, Erma Bombeck, Barbara Walters, Art Buchwald, Danny Kaye, Ann Landers, Admiral Hyman Rickover, Ralph Nader, Ted Turner, George Gallup, Jr., Justice Arthur Goldberg, Lyndon B. Johnson, Robert Dole -- Keppler Speakers, John Denver, Dick Cavett, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., William Safire, Harry Reasoner, Justin Dart, Carl Sagan, Drew Pearson, Seymour Hersh, Chief Justice Earl Warren, Isaac Asimov, Larry King, Howard Jarvis, Leon Jaworski, Jean Michael Cousteau -- Keppler Speakers Exclusive, Minnie Pearl, Jose Greco, Rod McKuen, Dr. C. Everett Koop, Jean Shepherd, F. Lee Bailey, Harry Blackstone, Jr., Hal Bruno, Lawrence Spivak, Wolf Blitzer, George Plimpton, William Proxmire, Alexander Haig, William E. Simon, J. Peter Grace, Tom Bradley, William H. Webster, James Schlesinger, Warren B. Rudman, Edwin Meese, William French Smith, Penn and Teller, Hal Holbrook, Stephen J. Gould, J.W. Marriott and Pat Boone

Mitchell Davis, CEO & Director General

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The International Platform Association was founded in 1831 by American diplomat Daniel Webster (1782-1852) and educator Josiah Holbrook. (1788-1854). Holbrook was the principal founder of the Lyceum movement in 19th Century America. The original name was the American Lyceum Association. The Lyceum movement was a venue for lectures, debates, and musical, religious, entertainment, and educational presentations for adults. After the Civil War, many lyceums which had been devoted to science and manufacturing advances also opened their doors to vaudeville entertainers. In some ways, the Lyceums of the 19th Century were like C-SPAN today.  In 1918, the name changed again to International Lyceum and Chatuaqua Association (ILCA); the word “Chatauqua” was dropped in 1932. The last name change in 1947 was to International Platform Association, which has remained the name to this day.