We know NSA is looking for a good name that is not be confused with the other NSA.

So, let all get together and solve this.

---Mitchell Davis, CEO, International Platform Association  -- Founded in 1831 by Daniel Webster

"International Platform Association" is a Registered United States Trademark

To get started:

I have registered this set of domains to ensure they are in the NSA domain pool.   ... and pledge them to NSA:





I have pointed all to NSAspeaker.org

We pledge these domains to the NSA and will release without cost.

They may not be exactly right, but at least this way they will not be lost to squatters, and in the event someone looking for the Association thinks Society, then they will still get to the right place.

Mr. Hyken:  Please advise you'd like them, and I'll find more to send you

---Mitchell Davis


We have acquired http://www.PlatformBooks.com and pointed it to www.PlatformBook.com 

We hope Mr. Hyatt writes many, many more great books.

This is pledged to Michael Hyatt, and will release at no cost.

I had a great conversation with Mr. Hyatt, and both of us look forward to a good outcome for all.


We have gifted http://www.SpeakerNews.net to Rebecca Morgan due to the suggestion that is was confusing with her SpeakerNetNews.com brand.

I urge others to release domains that really belong to someone else -- that way we can bring order to this, and benefit all.

--Mitchell P. Davis



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