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I was an exhibitor at IPA before I knew of NSA. I saw Ross Perot and Jack Anderson speak. IPA was very different from other groups: the Washington, DC focus and open tent that welcomed both sides of the political spectrum was unique.

I’d like to ask some important questions:

What is the vision for the future of IPA? How do we respect our past?  How should we engage previous members? How can IPA be different and complimentary, and non-competitive to other groups ranging from the NSA to all the speaker bureaus?

"What would Dottie Do?" Dottie Walters wrote of attending IPA before there was NSA, and said the idea for IGAB, now the International Association of Speaker Bureaus, came from there.  The old IPA welcomed many types of members, and some say was America’s First Association.  Can we bring back the open tent, and allow all kinds of members, and if so how do we define types?

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Mitchell Davis

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