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tu-anh - Fashion and Lifestyle Designer, will be interviewed by Doris Wilson, Board Member Emeritus.

Doris will ask tu-anh about how she arranged for the Fashion of Goodwill Runway Show and Gala on Tuesday, Sept. 24, which raised about $155,000 for the cause. With the theme “The Art of Fashion,” Vietnamese designer tu-anh of Fairfax created the show from hand-selected items found at Goodwill of Greater Washington’s 15 retail stores.

Goodwill Fashion Show


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tu-anh will talk about why we should donate to Goodwill and its impact on the community, and her inspiration and motivation to be part of the Goodwill DC family, related to her childhood story of arriving in the USA as a refugee from Vietnam. 

She will talk about how you can look polished, professional, and high end for less than $100, and at the same time reuse and recycle clothing to be environmentally responsible. 

About Doris Wilson: 

Doris is a long time Board Member of the International Platform Assocation. Most recently for IPA, she and Delmas Wood ran the 2006 and 2008 reunions, and Ms. Wilson has helped other Washington Area groups with their success. 

About tu-anh: 

Are you currently living the life you desire? If not, what is holding you back? You cannot change your past, but you can upgrade and polish your present to create your future. 

Whether your future involves moving up in your career, losing weight and getting healthy, financial abundance, having more confidence, upgrading your appearance and manners to attract the opposite sex, a more fulfilling social life, better relationships, more sex and romance, or less stress in your life-whatever it is that you want, you must believe that you can have it. 

Let us help guide and consult you to create and transform your life inside and out to the path of self-discovery, self-improvement, and self-fulfillment. The result is…a happier and more powerful you. Just the way you envisioned it to be. 

"Envision it, it will come to you. Desire it, you shall have it. Take ownership of it, it will be yours" – tu-anh 

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